COVID19: AIRO resources for emergency

In the emergency situation the planet is currently experiencing, the need to make the best use of available resources emerges strongly. Unfortunately, it is precisely in emergencies that manual planning based on experience is often inadequate, as large variations in supply and demand of essential goods generate unexpected bottlenecks. Operations Research offers automatic planning tools, based on optimization techniques, that can find the best possible solutions to a wide variety of organizational problems. AIRO has put its expertise at the service of the community to deal with emergencies related to the Covid-19 pandemic; this page offers a sampling of the tools developed by AIRO members.

Contributions of the Italian Operations Research community

Increase COVID-19 Swab Testing Capacity via Optimization

Author: Alberto Santini
Available resources:

Maximization of the effectiveness of control and monitoring actions against COVID-19

Authors: Claudio Gentile, Fabio Furini, Giuseppe Stecca
Available resources: Project proposal

Covid19: Meta-heuristic optimization based forecast method on time dependent bootstrapped data

Authors: Livio Fenga, Carlo del Castello
Available resources: Technical report

Effectively managing diagnostic tests to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy

Authors: Lorenzo Lampariello, Simone Sagratella
Available resources: Technical report

The Nurse Rostering Problem in COVID-19 emergency scenario

Author: Ruggiero Seccia
Available resources: Technical report

Contributions of the Internation Operations Research community

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