AIRO-OPTSM (Optimization in Public Transport and Shared Mobility) is a thematic section of AIRO for optimization in public transport and the field of shared mobility. It was formally established during the ODS 2017 conference and includes researchers and business experts interested in applying Operations Research techniques to real problems in public transport (rail, air, urban transport) and shared mobility (car sharing, dial-a-ride, flexible transport modes).

The aim is to improve the efficiency of public transport and the quality of service offered to passengers, to study the possible implementation of new modes of transport and to investigate the potential of technological innovations in the field of transport.

Main objectives

  • To create a network of experts in transport and shared mobility to promote national and international collaborations between universities and/or industrial partners, to increase the visibility of AIRO members in other expert associations, and to stimulate participation in national and international projects. This network will become a reference point for companies dealing with transport and shared mobility and for public administrations in need of experts in the field.
  • To organise thematic seminars at the annual AIRO conference (ODS) and other international conferences such as EURO, IFORS and INFORMS, and to offer doctoral schools, workshops and seminars on optimisation techniques in the field of transport and shared mobility.
  • To disseminate information on seminars, workshops and open calls for projects in order to attract researchers, industrial partners and public administrations and to intensify the knowledge and application of the latest Operations Research techniques.


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