AIRO Springer Series on Applications 2018 (EN)

AIRO Springer Series on Applications 2018

Call for paper: AIRO Springer Series on Applications

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AIRO Springer Series on Applications 2018 (IT)


Dear AIRO member,


We are pleased to inform you that we are promoting a new Volume of the AIRO Springer Series, the new series edited by Springer in collaboration with AIRO ( The aim of Volume is to continue work done on the survey on applications of models and techniques of the Operations Research developed in our country and in different contexts. The scope of the initiative is the promotion of the Operation Research and its impact on solving real problems.


The AIRO committee promotes the production of the Volume in which will be possible to present, with higher completeness, a part of the applications collected during the survey, with the aim to give them the visibility, putting into evidence both scientific and application values.


Submitted contributions should be around 10 pages length, and should describe the application of one or more Operations Research techniques, ended with in a “product” effectively put into execution in a production or service process. The article should contain an introduction section, where the model and the solution approach will be described, and a section with a detailed description of the application.


An accompanying letter of the end user is required in order to prove the application has been effectively used in an industrial (or social) environment. It is not required for the article to be original and already published (considering the copyright restrictions of first publication). At least one of the authors must subscribe to the AIRO association.


We hope the proposal meet your interests and we are available to give all the clarifications you may require; our contact address is


The first deadline of June 30, 2018 has been extended to August 3, 2018.


Latex template for contribution editing is available at the following link:

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